Kleio Image Plugin Manual Page


The kleio image plugin can be instructed to load images in one of three ways:

  • By loading a file with extension ".sdif" into the browser.
  • By specifying type=image/kleio src=URL
  • By specifying type=image/kleio source="local filename"
  • The non standard attribute SOURCE= has currently almost exactly the same effects as the SRC= attribute, except that it expects a filename NOT to be prefixed by "file://". It has been introduced to provide later a mechanism for files, which can be loaded from a CD only, if a plugin dedicated to that copy of the CD is being used.

    Minimal attribute set

    type=image/kleio width=400 height=300 source="filename" (or src=URL)

    This attribute set will load the image specified by "filename" and fit it into the window size defined by width= and height=.

    On Windows systems, images in portrait may appear slightly smaller than the target window, as on such systems the horizontal size of the displayed image has to be evenly divisible by four. As Kleio images are stored without any assumptions about the length of a row, this may also lead to slow loading of images which are NOT fitted into the target window.


    Center Image

    type=image/kleio width=400 height=300 source="filename" (or SRC=URL) center=true

    The attribute center=true centers the resulting image within the window in which it is embedded. If the embedded image is larger than the window in which it is being displeyed, this attribute is ignored.


    Suppress Image Fitting

    type=image/kleio width=400 height=300 source="filename" (or SRC=URL) fit=false

    The attribute fit=false suppresses image fitting; if the image is larger than the window supplied for its display, it will overflow into the parent window towards the right and the bottom. This is provided basically for testing. In production scroll=true should be used to display images which are larger than the window provided for them.