Available RKWard Plugin Packages

rk.ANOVA RKWard GUI to conduct ANOVAs (using the ez package), pairwise t-Tests and plot interactions.
rk.ClusterAnalysis RKWard GUI to conduct k-means, model based and hierarchical cluster analyses
rk.CohenKappa RKWard GUI to calculate Cohen's Kappa
rk.FactorAnalysis RKWard GUI to conduct principal component and factor analysis
rk.gitInstall RKWard GUI to install R packges directly from git or subversion repositories
rk.MPT RKWard GUI for multinomial processing tree (MPT) models
rk.MultidimensionalScaling RKWard GUI for multidimensional scaling
rk.power RKWard GUI to perform power analysis and sample size estimation.
rk.subset RKWard GUI to define subsets of data objects
rkwarddev A Collection of Tools for RKWard Plugin Development
XiMpLe A Simple XML Tree Parser and Generator