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This is a few bits usefull for installing linux on a Q40.

ramimg2_gz is an improved version of ramimg_gz, added 'll',
atari-fdisk and qxltool.
ramimg3_gz is .. you guessed it, somewhat fixed qxltool
and added chroot.
BIG WARNING before using qxltool for formating SMSQ paritions:
be very conservative in estimates of size available for the
filesystem and do not attempt sizes>128MB. Also I had to
modify the original in order to work as described here.
Appart from this it has never been tested but might work 
like this:

	qxltool -w /dev/partitionname size_in_mb QWA label
	fix_geometry	# enter sector/heads as displayed at
			# boot time in CHS=...

Source/Docs at:

atari-fdisk is considered very stable, however problems may
arise from the fact that SMSQ on atari systems never supported
IDE drives which may have slightly different conventions.
Source/docs at

The HOWTO is out of date, get newest version or pointer to it